Geographical Profile

  1. The biggest democracy in the world.
  2. More than one billion people.
  3. 28 states.
  4. 19 major religions.20,00 caster and sub-caster.
  5. 6,00,000 villages.
  6. 84% people live in villages.
  7. 70% people are illiterate.
  8. 5,00,000 villages has no Christian witness.
  9. Still open for gospel.
1.   Area 1,55,707 sq. km.
2.   Total population 31,512,070
3.   Rural population 23,166,419
4.   Urban population 3,105,635
5.   Schedule cast(S.C.) 3,865,543
6.   Schedule tribe(S.T.) 5,95,067
7.   Main spoken languages 11
8.   Number of Tahasils 114
9.   Number of Towns 103
10.   Number of Villages 50,972
11.   Number of gram Panchayats 3,830
12.   Number of blocks 314
13.   Number of districts 30
14.   Percentage of people BPL 66.4%
15.   Number of tribal groups 62
16.   Number of caste groups 93
17.   Broadcasting centers 3
18.   Television centers 3
19.   Total Christian population 6,20,000(app.)
20.   Total pin code areas 1104
21.   Total unreached pin code areas 887


    City Population Christian Population
1.   Cuttack  4,02,501 15,000
2.   Bhubaneswar 4,11,000 2,000
3.   Balasore 1,02,000 1,500
4.   Berhampur  2,10,550 1,500
5.   Rourkela  3,98,501 3,000
6.   Sambalpur  1,92,631 2,000
7.   Puri  2,00,142 1,000
Tribals List in Orissa
1. Bagata 17. Dharua 33. Kol 49. Mirdhas
2. Baiga 18. Didayi 34. Kolah Laharas,
Kol Laharas
50. Munda, Munda Lahora,
Munda Mahalis
3. Banjara, Banjari 19. Gadaba 35. Kolha 51. Mundari
4. Bathudi 20. Gandia 36. Koli, Malhar 52. Omanatya
5. Bhottada, Dhotada 21. Ghara 37. Kondadora 53. Oraon
6. Bhuiya, Hbuyan 22. Gond, gondo 38. Kora 54. Parenga
7. Bhumia 23. Ho 39. Korua 55. Paroja
8. Bhumij 24. Holva 40. Kotia 56. Pentia
9. Bhunjia 25. Jatapu 41. Koya 57. Rajuar
10. binjhal 26. Jung 42. Kulis 58. Santal
11. Binihia, Binjhoa 27. Kandha gauda 43. Lodha 59. Saora, Sever,
Saura, Sahara
12. Birhor 28. Kawar 44. Madia 60. Shabar, Lodha
13. Bondo Poraja 29. Kharia, Kharian 45. Mahali 61. Sounti
14. Chenchu 30. Kharwar 46. Mankidi 62. Tharua
15. Desua Bhumij 31. Kisan 47. Matya    
16. Dal 32. Khond, Kond,
Kandha, Nanguli 
Kandha, Sitha 
48. Mankirdia    

KUI :- A hidden tribe in Orissa. They live in dense inaccessible forest. They have tattoo marks all over their bodies. (The tattoo marks are customs stated as to protect their women from outsider who come to take them by force or rape them. the Kui women disfigure their faces with tattoo marks so that outsider would not take them). To reach them you need to walk at least 12-15 km in dense forest from the motorable  roads. Their total population is about 45,000.There we have to develop personal contact with young people and preach them so that they can help their own people. As some in the mountain range cannot read we have to work harder establish them in faith. There we have to start adult education classes for those people and also must use movie projectors. We will pray for a few video projectors and 16 mm projectors so that we can show some of very best video message from Derek Prince, John Osteen and Billy Graham etc and explain the messages to them.

SAVARA :- These tribal lives in the dense forests of Orissa, Andhra border. The people This area responded to Christianity very well. Here we have to train local young people and preach them so that this will increase the enthusiasm of them further .Had we sufficient land and building we can do much more and train many more. But in the rented halls it is difficult to accommodate even a few people .The house owners of the building asked us to vacate when they found out that we were training men in Bible and would be sending them to Outreach.

We are praying God to give us the money to have the land and building in that area with basic and simple facilities. Without these short term training centre we cannot grow and equip the workers.

BONDO :- The bondo tribals live in the interior forests of Bondopuda village which is about 95 km away from Koraput in Orissa. There are 20 settlements in the forests. Wild animals including Leopards, Elephants, Bear, Tigers also dwell in plenty in interior forests. Bondo's way of dressing is very peculiar .They simply put across the sheet of wood and piece of cloth in their waist. Killing and quarrelling are common in bondo settlements.
The bondo village hither to have a history of Brutal killing or perpetual ignorance, would one day become free. We see in faith the day that the savior of the world touch these villages by his great message of salvation.