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Rev. Niranjan Bardhan , Founder & Director



Dear friend in Christ,

Greetings in Jesus name. To the best of my expectation, I supposed this will practically bring in you a wild exclamation, that who we are and what we are doing? As the name, IGOSA ‘INDIA GOSPEL OUTREACH AND SOCIAL ACTION’ is new to you. So, we deem it a special privilege to let you know that IGOSA is an indigenous, non-profit making, inter denominational group, actively involved in the outreach of the good news of salvation to the teeming millions in the unreached areas. The fact of the matter is that vast areas of our state have no Christian witness yet. After critical evaluation have we concluded that evangelism and social responsibility are integrally related, hence we pledge to work both for are integrally related hence we pledge to work both for evangelization and serve the helpless and needy people for relief and justice.


IGOSA is an on-going ministry, its main objective is the evangelical church planting totally unreached areas to take hold that at the beginning grouping of the believers can be multiplied. Our chief concern is to see more people came to know Christ, through we feel that there is a desperate need for revival. We cannot go it alone, we need each other, for that we solicit your fervent prayer. In the light of His clear command ‘Go’ into all the world and preach the GOSPEL, on this great commission of Jesus we solemnly made the above commitments to Christ. Let us come to focus, to materializing these goals what is in.


There are 62 tribal groups and 93 SC groups found in Orissa and most of these groups are unreached, who are totally illiterate and economically very backward. We continue to strive hard to reach most unreached areas and people groups with the Gospel. In ministering the glorious gospel of Christ with a prayerful planting, we started concentrating in the hard-unreached areas of Gajapati and Rayagada district of Orissa and Srikakulam and Vijayanagaram districts of Andhra Pradesh. The main people groups are Pano, Souras, Kui, Relli, Telega, Kapu,Dandasi, Mala, Madiga Belma and Oriya, who are illiterate. Since the vision and burden of the founder is to reach these precious souls with the saving knowledge of Christ, this organization was formed after much prayer and waiting upon God. Evangelist word in rural area no doubt is hard and when we talk about church planting it is even great and more demanding work in every aspect.


We must also be open to give a helping hand whenever possible such as providing education for children and adult, offering medical facilitated, running orphanages, giving relief to people met be natural calamities like famine, fire and flood and to rehabilitate the poor with small projects such as gottery and mat making etc. and other possible areas depending on one’s resources and to rehabilitate the physically handicapped.


You must be aware of the fact that it is a hard task to plant churches in new territories. Our progress implies the reply of your persistent prayers. We are encountering many obstacles usually coming on the way, but God in His providence and mercy over rules. As resource are meager the most seemingly interrupting factor is financial crises.


As church planting is the top priority of our ministry, as most of the villages have no Christian witness, let us ask God’s wisdom and grace to meet these great needs.

Continue to pray for stability and powerful witness of the Gospel in the strategic areas

. Kindly uphold in your prayer about the various social welfare programmes that we have undertaken.

Please pray for the many new converts in our areas of work to continue to exercise faith on the living God.

Let us pray together to bring the matter to the Lord of harvest about more recruits of Church planters and a project director in our social action programme and the other needs to fulfill in a near future.

Thanking you for your kind help and cooperation in our evangelical mission. Please send your gift/support in favour of IGOSA.

Yours for reaching the unreached,

Rev. Niranjan Bardhan
Orissa, India.
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  • Director - IGOSA.



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