Social Development


IGOSA works under  the faith of Four Fold Ministry.

  1. Educational
  2. Social
  3. Physical
  4. Spiritual

There are 62 tribal groups and 93 SC groups found in ORISSA alone and most of these group Are unreached, Who are totally illiterate and economically very backward. We continue to Strive hard to reach most unreached areas and people groups with the Gospel.

A rich country with poor people, was the traditional way of characterizing India referring to its vast natural resources, mountains, forests, mineral wealth, flourishing paddy fields, a land where even dust is golden in the ancient metaphor.

A country's wealth lies in its people, particularly in the development of their mental capacities.

Unfortunately, in terms of human resource development, India remaining doubly poor. Though there is now much concern about the environmental degradation, there is less awareness of the more massive squandering of human wealth has resulted from a distorted development and an inadequate, top-down, bureaucratic and rote-oriented educational system. Tiny minorities of Indians are brilliant performers, articulate, well educated, and aware; a larger minority may be 15 to 20 percent, has achieved sufficient education to allow them to cope minimally with the modern world. But the majority of the country's people have been left with no education or with the standardized, rote-hosed learning of a few year of inadequate schooling. When there are no schools, or schools with in-adequate facilities and indifferent teachers, making little pretense to cover syllabus that seems to bore them as much as the students, speaking in a style of language not very comprehensible or meaningful to those they teach, the right to Education means little.

The socially based systematic ignorance has meant the squandering of the human wealth of the children of most farmers, agricultural labourers, herders, fisherman, migrant labourers, the majority especially of Adivasis, and Dalit's but many also of other formerly low-castles.

Hence the low-caste and Adivasis majority seems caught in a web of ignorance and inadequate education that condemn them to a life of manual labours from generation to generation.

The land of golden dust is in danger of leaving the majority of its children in the dust as it already entered in the new millennium. Ending their squandering of its human wealth, of both mental and physical is one of the most urgent tasks for today.

Child Development Centers :-

We also have child development centers only for the children's. We have the following child development centers :-

Name of the Center Village No. of Children
IGOSA Child Development Center katalakaitha 250
IGOSA Shishu Bikash Kendra Singipur 250
IGOSA Grace Children Home Paralakhemundi 30

The children's attend their school in the day time and they come to the centers in the morning & evening to get tuitions & food. In these centers we provide the children's food, cloth, tuitions & day to day necessities.